A very basic introduction to Facebook Pages

Do you want some very basic information about setting up a Facebook Page? It’s actually pretty easy to get started.

The first thing to decide is whether you want to attach the Page to your personal account, or not. There are a couple of options to ensure your privacy. One option is to configure the privacy settings within Facebook so that you can post separately to the Facebook Page without sharing information on your personal page. Facebook does have good instructions on this, but it will take very careful reading to make sure the accounts are fully separated. The other option is to create a new anonymous Facebook account (using a different email address) and use that account to set up the Facebook Page.

If you choose the second option (the anonymous account), that works fine for initially setting up the page. But be aware that people like talking to other people — not anonymous entities. So in the future, when you post on the Wall or respond to Facebook followers, it’s best to have a photo and name attached to those posts. So after you have set up the page, if you don’t want to be publicly attached to it yourself, you should start looking for someone such as an employee or a volunteer who is comfortable being the public face of that page.

Here is a simplified version of how you set up the Facebook Page itself:

1. Click this link to create your page
2. Fill out information about your organization
3. Invite other administrators (easiest way is to ask them to ‘Like’ the page first)
4. Post useful information for your followers including photos, news blurbs, event information, videos, and links
5. Promote your Facebook page by sending out emails and any other channels. Always ask people to ‘Like’ your page.

To make changes to the Page, click on the ‘Edit Info’ button near the title.

After it’s set up, you can always find it again by typing in your Page’s name in the search bar in the Facebook header. The Page will also be listed in the left-hand navigation of your profile.

If you are looking for more information on Facebook Pages, we can point out a couple of people who have established a name for themselves as Facebook experts. Check out their Facebook Pages and blogs.

Justin Levy  |  Website  |  Facebook Page

Dave Awl  |  Website  |  Facebook

Also, see our Google search tips about how to search for information on social media topics.

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