Creating inexpensive videos for social media

If you want to create your own video inexpensively, you are in luck because the prices of everything are getting more reasonable. Of course, you have the option to hire someone like Good Screens Media to create your video with no hassle whatsoever. But we applaud anyone who is willing to take the time to become skilled at creating video.

To support your efforts, here are some recommendations that can keep your total equipment and software cost under $1500.

We do recommend a decent camera. While HD camcorders can be bought for under $200, those models lack basic features such as lighting adjustment and focus. If you want your video to look good, you can still keep costs low by using a digital SLR camera. You can get one that takes very high quality video for under $1000. It will also be a great camera for taking still photos. A couple of popular options are these models by Canon and Nikon. Here is one recommended package of a Canon with lens (that lens isn’t necessary for video, but nice-to-have for still shots).

Even if you don’t splurge on a camera, you MUST have good sound. Don’t rely on the built-in microphone because you will rarely be close enough to the people speaking. Fortunately, you can get good sound cheaply with a clip on-mic and a long cable. This microphone is one option. A separate sound recorder will also help you to keep the microphone close to the speaker. You’ll get a separate audio track which is easy to combine back with the video later using editing software. Here is one sound recorder you may want to consider.

The prices of editing software have fallen as rapidly as the equipment, so you can get very good video editing software for a few hundred dollars. The most popular packages are Final Cut for Mac and Adobe Premier for Windows/Mac. There is a bit of a learning curve with either package, so you may want to consider outsourced video editing but record the video with your own equipment. The price will still be quite reasonable.

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