Amazon’s new Kindle Fire and tablet computers

I had the opportunity to meet Jeff Bezos a few years back at the first Web 2.0 Conference. Even at that early stage he came across as an amazing visionary. But I’ve only grown more impressed at his ability to innovate beyond online e-commerce, whether it’s launching a hardware device like the Kindle or getting into the cloud computing business with EC2 and AWS. At the rate they are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon becomes the world’s next dominant (or even monopolist) technology company.

So how does this impact the average business website?

It’s pretty simple:
1. Tablet computers (like the iPad has already proved) will be a very common way for people to browse the web.
2. Any company with a website should be making sure their design looks good and is easy to navigate on tablets.

Other than that, there’s not much to worry about. That is, unless your company’s name is RIM, Samsung, or Motorola/Google and you’ve got to figure out how to compete at this price point.

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