Good Screens Media helps professionals and professional associations communicate across web, social media, and mobile devices.

Our focus is helping professionals take valuable knowledge they’ve built up over years of practical experience, and use that information as their marketing material. Honest and useful communication is a powerful way to establish a connection with potential clients.

The Good Screens team has deep expertise in building software and creating useful online media. We want our clients to be successful. At the same time, we want to contribute something back by helping to educate consumers to make intelligent and wise decisions when seeking professional help.

Matt Gross
Founder and CEO, Good Screens Media

Matt Gross is Founder and CEO of Good Screens Media, a publisher of online and mobile marketing products for professionals and professional associations. Matt has run the nation’s bestselling mobile app at MapQuest, was a founding team member at WHERE (acquired by eBay in 2011), and founded Mobile Monday America, the nation’s largest nonprofit association for mobile developers.

email: matt@goodscreens.com
phone: 617-600-8088